MUL: 10″x10″ Deco- Arte White

Mulia Deco Series

Series colors: Vintage Classic, Vintage Mix, Arte Grey

Size(s): 9.75″x9.75″



Mulia Deco Series

We have 3 New Deco Patterns in perfect neutral colors. All you have to do is pick your favorite design! The Arte Grey makes a larger format clover pattern with a cluster of 4 tiles together. It has a nice balance of black and white with a hint of grey to richen the look. The Vintage Classic is a nice repeated pattern with a motif that would work well in order era homes, new homes that want a nod to a vintage look or an unexpected concept in a transitional style. The Vintage Mix is a high energy mixture of geometric shapes and varying sizes to give a playful assortment and unique look.

*Designs with similar tile