Black Beauty: 4 Of Our Favorite Black Subway Tile Styles You Should See For Yourself

Our Favorite Black Subway Tile Styles

Black is beautiful and black is back! We are seeing “blacked out” bathrooms that are rich and sexy looking as well as black kitchen backsplashes. Here are four of our favorite subway shape tiles all dressed up in black.

Our Favorite Black Subway Tile Styles

1. Ragno 3”x 11 Calce Nero Porcelain Brick Tile

Our Calce series from Ragno USA are made from heavy duty porcelain and are floor rated! Use with our Midnight grout to create a rich texture where the grout lines are hardly noticeable.



2. Roca 3”x 12” Artesano Matte Black Wall Tile

This black wall rated ceramic subway tile has a handmade look to it with slightly wavy edges. Use a contrasting color grout to highlight the edges and make your pattern stand out or darker grout to set a more serious mood.


3. MSI 3”x12” Nero Crafted Glossy Wall Tile

Here we see a glossy finish to an artisan style black wall tile. The glossy finish will add ambient light to a windowless bathroom and is easy to clean! Have fun with all the many patters you can set this in: running bond, vertical stack, herringbone, horizontal stack, or layer a wall by starting out with a running bond and switching to a stack two thirds the way up the wall. FUN!


4. Roca 2”x 10” Block Negro Matte Wall Tile

Want to create a more contemporary feel? The Block collection is a smaller, sleeker size and has a clean straight edge. At home on a shower wall, a kitchen backsplash or as an accent wall above a vanity. Use in a small bathroom on the back of the shower wall only to create a vanishing point effect. The dark tile on the back wall will make it appear further away, creating an illusion of space in your tiny bath. Pair with a lighter color or pattern tile on the side walls but keep the look clean and simple.

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