Black Beauty: 4 Of Our Favorite Black Subway Tile Styles You Should See For Yourself

Black is beautiful and black is back! We are seeing “blacked out” bathrooms that are rich and sexy looking as well as black kitchen backsplashes. Here are four of our favorite subway shape tiles all dressed up in black.

Our Favorite Black Subway Tile Styles

1. Ragno 3”x 11 Calce Nero Porcelain Brick Tile

Our Calce series from Ragno USA are made from heavy duty porcelain and are floor rated! Use with our Midnight grout to create a rich texture where the grout lines are hardly noticeable.



2. Roca 3”x 12” Artesano Matte Black Wall Tile

This black wall rated ceramic subway tile has a handmade look to it with slightly wavy edges. Use a contrasting color grout to highlight the edges and make your pattern stand out or darker grout to set a more serious mood.


3. MSI 3”x12” Nero Crafted Glossy Wall Tile

Here we see a glossy finish to an artisan style black wall tile. The glossy finish will add ambient light to a windowless bathroom and is easy to clean! Have fun with all the many patters you can set this in: running bond, vertical stack, herringbone, horizontal stack, or layer a wall by starting out with a running bond and switching to a stack two thirds the way up the wall. FUN!


4. Roca 2”x 10” Block Negro Matte Wall Tile

Want to create a more contemporary feel? The Block collection is a smaller, sleeker size and has a clean straight edge. At home on a shower wall, a kitchen backsplash or as an accent wall above a vanity. Use in a small bathroom on the back of the shower wall only to create a vanishing point effect. The dark tile on the back wall will make it appear further away, creating an illusion of space in your tiny bath. Pair with a lighter color or pattern tile on the side walls but keep the look clean and simple.

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Another Great Demo at Tile For Less: Click Flooring Craze: Choosing and Installing a Safe Luxury Vinyl Product

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s demo on Click Flooring. Special thanks to Matthew McIntyre from McIntyre Homes for the amazing click flooring installation demo.

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Thanks To Everyone Who Attended Our Goof-Proof Shower Pan Demo

Thanks to everyone who attended Saturday’s demo at the Layton Tile For Less location! It was great fun demonstrating how to install the goof-proof shower pan. Congrats to all of our prize winners too! As always, we’re here to help answer any questions about tile or installation. Just call, send us a quick message, or drop by the store.

Jan. 18, 2020

“We were there today for a “goof proof” shower pan demo. It was very informative and helped us feel more confident to try it ourselves. We also found some great tile at great prices. They also will help with design. Win, Win, Win! I will definitely be returning. Trying out our samples today. Thank you for being so down to earth. My husband even said, he felt very comfortable asking questions and said, ‘They are definitely ones I would go to for help if it came up.’ That’s a BIG WIN!”

-Caeley Allen

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Layton - new store front

Hello from Matt and Michele, local owners of Tile For Less. We have been here in Utah since 1996, helping homeowners like yourselves navigate their home improvement projects. Over the past 20 years, we have helped you save money by coaching home owners on everything from cutting your glass tile, to waterproofing a shower pan. We have fielded thousands of Saturday morning questions on how to mix mortar, what color grout will be best, how to cut a hole in tile, and my favorite “why do I have to have a grout joint?.” Now it’s your turn!

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That’s why we’re excited to announce the opening of a new Tile For Less location in Layton, Utah. The new store is located at 717 North Main Street in Layton. Come celebrate with us and check out your new store. During the whole month of January 2020, we are hosting all kinds of informative DIY demos, product giveaways, and Deals of the Week so good you won’t be able to wait another second for that new kitchen or bath. Come and let us show you what’s possible.

Michele installing 1x1 black and white hex tile mosaics on bathroom floor.

Michele installing 1×1 black and white hex tile mosaics on bathroom floor.

Matt drilling hole in counter

Matt drilling hole in counter at the new Layton Tile For Less location.

Here are the free “Do-it-Yourself” demonstrations we’re offering at the Layton store during January:

  • January 11th – “Confessions of a Grout Hater: Learn how to install stain free grout” – click here to register!
  • January 18th – “Shower Pan Victory! How to install a goof-proof shower pan” – click here to register!
  • January 25th – “Click Flooring Craze: How to choose and install a safe Luxury Vinyl product” – click here to register!

These are hands-on demonstrations, so you’ll get a chance to try your hand at it with the direction of the experts at Tile For Less. To reserve your place in the demo, be sure to register early by clicking the links above. The first 25 people who register for each demo will receive a free gift*.

Beginning in January, Tile For Less in Layton will also have special Deals of the Week with huge savings.  Click here to check out the current deal of the week.

On January 25th, at our official grand opening event, we’ll be giving away great prizes, including 300 sq. ft. of Click Flooring! Click here to register to win, no purchase necessary.

The address and phone number for the Layton Tile For Less location is:

717 North Main Street
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* Valid for 90 days. Must be present at the demo to claim free gift.

Trends You Can Trust 2019

Hi there!  I’m Michele and for the past 16 years I’ve been traveling to tile shows all over the world in order to bring you the best bits for your homes, businesses and personal projects.  From Italy, to Morocco, and yes, even Orlando Florida, the host city of 2019 COVERINGS tile show, I get to see all the new goodies before they even go into production. Now, I get to share those shopping trips with you!

Yes, it is really fun to explore tile that is trending in New York City, Seattle and Milan but the real challenge comes in searching out product that will be just right for YOUR home or YOUR business.


Subway tile is still going strong!  For use on backsplashes, shower walls, and wainscoting, this little workhorse of a material is as popular as ever.

The artisan look subway tile is making a stronger showing this year, softening the lines and creating a more natural feel.  These ever so slightly distressed artisan tiles will be perfect for that modern farmhouse look! Tile For Less will have these in stock by late July 2019.

This traditional 3×6 (below) white Subway tile, with its slightly imperfect edge, will look original when placed in an old bungalow or victorian home.  It’s also great for creating that farmhouse look in a newer home. This tile by Monoploe of Spain will be in stock at Tile For Less by late July 2019.


Man, this category really went OFF at this year’s Coverings show!!  Pattern tile has been popular for centuries and it showed no sign of slowing down.  I had to weed through SoOoo many cool tiles to find the ones just right for our market.

This Bombato Decore York (above) wall tile produced by Merola of Spain is WAY fun, but would be a tough fit for our customers here in Utah.These pattern tiles are a great find for us!  Pale blue, soft grey and a hint of tan make them an easy fit for backsplash tile, bathroom floor or a shower feature wall.  Tile For Less will have these in stock by mid-June of 2019.

Graffiti any one?  A fun new tile trend yes, just not the right one for us.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, hex is hotter yet!  Yes, 1×1 or 2×2 white hex mosaics are still like that perfect black dress: great for a contemporary bathroom floor or a farmhouse kitchen floor, depending on what you pair them with.   That hasn’t changed, but the heat really gets cranked up with the half hex.

The half hex opens up so many creative design options.  Here are two of my favorites. These black and white half hex tiles are a new launch by American Olen and will be featured at Tile For Less as soon as we can get our little hands on them. (Late July? 2019)

Remember, you can go to a HUGE box store that has more inventory items than Tile For Less, but we have just the RIGHT ones.  The ones that matter and make good sense for you, your budget and your project.


Hex Is Here To Stay

June 2018: The Hexagon is more than just a trend. Whether a pattern or solid, the hexagon has become the go to shape for creating a dynamic accent piece in multiple areas of a home. This in one style that isn’t going anywhere, and our team has you covered with a variety of options.

June 2015: We had the opportunity to visit several homes in the 2015 Salt Lake Parade of homes. Of course we were fixated on what they were doing for their tile solutions! Wood plank tile was definitely a strong presence in this Parade. The ever popular and again trendy subway tile, in all formats, was also a popular choice.  Beautiful mosaics of all shapes and sizes were used to give rooms personality and splashes of color. The one we were excited to see was the larger format hexagon. Smaller, traditional 1×1 hexagons made their way into this year’s show as they have become increasingly popular again. But we were impressed to see the larger hexagon tiles making a splash too.

Check out our Selections of these trends/styles:

Wood Planks

Subway Tile

In Stock: Mulia Brooklyn Hexagon 12″ (Deco sold separate from solid grey)