Porcelain Surfaces

About Porcelain Surfaces

Porcelain tiles are formed under extremely high pressure and fired at very high temperatures. This make these tiles much denser and stronger than the common glazed ceramic tiles so they are ideal for entryways, corridors and other high traffic areas. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications. They are essentially ceramic tiles with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5 percent. They can either be unglazed or glazed.



Porcelain tiles come is such a vast array of colors, finishes and sizes that they open all kinds of opportunity to realizing a finished job application. They can be used virtually anywhere. Porcelain tiles usually have a much lower water absorption rate than non-porcelain tiles making them frost resistant or frost-proof and great for outdoor applications. Glazed porcelain tiles are much harder and more wear and damage resistant than non-porcelain ceramic tiles, making them suitable for any application from light traffic to the heaviest residential and light commercial traffic. Full body porcelain tiles carry the color and pattern through the entire thickness of the tile making them virtually impervious to wear and can be self finishing. Porcelain tiles are available in matte, unglazed or a high polished finish.